Focus Group Interest Form

To jump start the CARC’s community impact, the Executive Committee is initiating Focus Groups to concentrate and expedite the development of solutions that require specialization of expertise, research, and/or continued tracking. All work accomplished within the focus groups will follow the processes and procedures set forth in our Standard Operating Procedures and the approval processes of the sponsoring CARC Committees (Faith, Civic and Community Organizations; Service Providers; and In-take Site as well as the Executive Committee).

Focus Groups:

  • Will be comprised of 4 to 5 individuals with availability to meet in addition to regularly scheduled CARC Committee meetings;
  • No limit will be placed on how many focus groups and individual can serve (but, please be realistic in allocation of time and talents), and
  • Focus Leaders will be appointed by the Executive Committee based upon expertise and experience;

We are calling forth our best and most committed in a time of urgency! We hope you will consider serving on one of the following Focus Groups: