J Peter Two


J Peter Two is a Transitional Reentry Program provider for pre-release to 9 months post release for Adult Offenders and Ex-offenders, Veterans and Non-veterans within most Reentry Residential Centers/Transitional Housing.

J Peter Two’s Mission is to empower and inspire active Adult inmates, Ex-offenders and their families within all of the cities and towns in the Wake County area population in North Carolina only.  Providing Reentry transitional classes pre-release 1 to 3 months post release for Reentry Adult offenders only in a gender specific settings.  The program offers skills in Oral Communication, Anger Management, Substance Abuse Group Sessions, Workplace Soft and Life Skills, Parenting and Child Communication skills, Parent’s Matter Workshops and Cultural Diversity Skills.  J Peter Two is focused on the quality of service during delivery through encouraging each participant, who are enrolled in the classes to become engaged in their success.

Jamerilia Jones